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Freezer Meal Buckets + Lids

Freezer Meal Buckets + Lids

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This bucket is THE PERFECT Instant Pot freezer meal container! 

7 inches wide and 3 inches deep, your meals will be frozen into the exact size and shape that you need. 

These buckets make assembling freezer meals so easy and ensure that the food, meat, and spices are evenly distributed.  

When it's time to cook, your meals will POP right out of the buckets and into the pressure cooker pot.

Buckets are freezer-safe and will stack on top of each other keeping your freezer tidy and organized. 


Material: Polycoated Paperboard (similar to an ice cream carton)

Size: 54 oz, 7 inches in diameter, 3 inches deep

Other: Hot and cold food-friendly, leak-resistant, microwaveable 

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